Addicted to the Drug

Canadian rockers, Ashes of Soma’s new single “Addicted To The Drug” comes out swinging with a compelling combination of hard-punching riffs and infectious hooks.

“From the moment I first played the chord progression, the song just kinda wrote itself,” said the band’s mercurial guitarist Mike Preney. “Good songs always do that. The ones that you spend weeks on, usually really never turn out quite as well. It’s always nice when that happens.”

Exploding onto the scene with their 2005 debut album, Exit 674, the band garnered heavy radio airplay in the Windsor/Detroit area with their first single release “Emancipate”, along with the follow-up track, “Somebody Else.”

Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, the members of Ashes of Soma -Randy Gray (vocals/guitars), Joel Bishop (bass), Paul Doman (drums) and Mike Preney (guitars) are currently celebrating 20 years as a band, since initially forming in 2002.

“Our songwriting process has definitely changed over the past 20 years,” said the band’s frontman Randy Gray, “but, right now, we feel that we’re creating some of the best music we’ve ever written.”

AOS has also enjoyed radio airplay in both the U.S. and Canada with their subsequent singles: “Bedroom Walls” (2009), “Meteor” (2013), “The Leash” (2016), and “Relevant” (2020).

With the addition of secondary-vocalist Dave Creed in 2013, the band discovered an entirely new element to their sound, and soon developed a deeper level to their songs than ever before.

Get addicted to this – turn the volume UP on ASHES OF SOMA’s “Addicted To The Drug”.

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