Origin of Sin

Chelsea Grin is an American Metal band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Formed in 2007, the group have released two EPs and five full-length albums, each of which has charted in Billboard, including 2018’s Eternal Nightmare, 2016’s landmark and essential Metal masterpiece, Self Inflicted, and 2014’s genre game-changer, Ashes To Ashes.

The band named themselves after the infamous medieval torture maneuver known as the Glasgow Smile or “Chelsea Grin” (google it at your own peril).

Always keeping the audience engaged, Chelsea Grin unleashes a unique onslaught of both technical and aggressive riffage. Vocally, Chelsea Grin dive deep into the inner demons of us all to create a soundtrack that leaves listeners craving more as a way to discover themselves. Chelsea Grin have been featured on a large number of European and American music festivals, which include the Vans Warped Tour, Download Festival, and many more.

Now, with a new label, OneRPM, Chelsea Grin is gearing up to announce a pair of career-altering, double-LP releases, Suffer In Hell & Suffer In Heaven. Suffer in Hell will be released globally on November 11, 2022, and its bookend LP, Suffer In Heaven will arrive on March 17, 2023.

The first single from Suffer In Hell, is the powerhouse flame-thrower track, “Origin Of Sin”.

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