When I Pull Up (Rock Remix) feat. Drew Jacobs

In 2019, Justin Champagne released a song that would quickly rise to become a viral sensation and the biggest song in his catalog. In just three short years, “When I Pull Up” has officially gone Gold as certified by the RIAA. In celebration of this impressive accomplishment, Justin Champagne collaborated with rising rock star Drew Jacobs for a headbanging, hard rock remix. Known for his incredible reimaginings of country hits into rock anthems, Drew Jacobs has racked up multiple Billboard Hard Rock #1s and he infuses “When I Pull Up” with plenty of loud guitars, drums, and attitude.

Born and raised in south Louisiana, Justin Champagne makes genre-bending music rooted in the sounds, stories, and swampy swagger of his home turf. It’s a soundtrack for Louisiana’s small towns and muddy backroads — a gumbo of hip-hop, country, hook-heavy pop, and hard rock, glued together by a hometown hero who raps and sings not only about his own experience, but also about the country lifestyles of his neighbors in the Deep South and beyond.

“When Justin reached out to me about creating a Rock version of his song ‘When I Pull Up’ to celebrate it going Gold, it was a no-brainer. As if the song wasn’t a smash already, this remix sends it to another level and I know the fans will love it as much as we do. Justin and I have known and supported each other’s careers for years now and to finally be able to work alongside each other is awesome!” 

  • Drew Jacobs
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