LAND SHARK Promotion Studio promises not to be cookie-cutter. It’s a personal fit, made just for you.
No two records or artists are alike – so, why should your promotion campaigns be? 
LAND SHARK Promotion Studio is about enabling the artist to reach their goals by helping them help themselves. We will arm you with the tools you need, as an artist, to book your live shows, to sell your cd’s and merchandise, to develop your brand – more effectively.
LAND SHARK intends to stay lean and mean – we don’t take on too many projects at once, and by demonstrating that kind of temperance – we’re able to be focused on securing results. This also allows us to be quite agile. We can react quickly to a new opportunity for an artist, hopefully one we’ve helped to create for them. We have the flexibility to change course mid-stream, and that allows LAND SHARK to put your artist’s music in the best possible position to perform and maximize its impact.

“Congratulations on ten years of Land Shark! I know Hopeless has only been working with you guys for a couple of those ten years, but I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. Your hard work and expertise is one thing, but your overall passion and actually giving a fuck about the artists you work with is why you guys stand out and it’s what makes you exceptional.”


“The last year has been amazing for us. LAND SHARK has been with us every step of the way. The work that they’ve done has helped catapult FFTG’s career. I am very proud to have them on our team. Much love to Gary Jay and crew. Here’s to another 10 years. PEACE.”


“Not only has it been beyond pleasant to work with Gary and the rest of LAND SHARK, but it’s been so fruitful towards our journey in such a short amount of time, Seeing the places and radio listeners our music has reached thanks to the work we’ve done with LAND SHARK is truly mind-boggling. We really can’t wait to see what happens next. Happy 10-Year Anniversary – here’s to the future!

– Jayden Panesso / SYLAR

“I have worked with Land Shark and Gary Jay since I returned to the music industry in 2012. He hasn’t missed a step RIGHT FROM DAY 1. He is hands-on, and into the live shows as well as radio and interviews. LAND SHARK are true believers in their artists and it shows by the amount of effort they put into each record, and appearance, when they come to watch a show. It means so much to the band and the artists to have them on our team. LAND SHARK rules!”


“Gary and his team have been instrumental to our success at radio. They have gone above and beyond for us and we are extremely grateful for that. As an independent band on a budget, we were very happy with the way that things were managed. We were able to accomplish everything we set out to with Gary’s help. Everything is completely transparent throughout the process, and most importantly, they get results. Gary and the team showed true passion for the music and the band. We never felt like we were a number with Land Shark and we’ve found that to be a rarity in this industry! We couldn’t be happier with our experience, and hope that we are fortunate enough to work with them again.”

– Chris Dawson / SEASONS AFTER

“The amazing success of the Chickenfoot project has been an incredible team effort. Gary Jay and Land Shark Promotion quarterbacked that team. From the first time Mick Brigden endorsed Land Shark, Sammy Hagar and I have seen nothing but positive results. It’s been two years of great results and a smooth day-to-day working relationship makes my job a pleasure. Land Shark is the promo poster child of the new model.”

– Carter (manager / Sammy Hagar, CHICKENFOOT)

“Hiring Land Shark Promotion for radio promotion in the U.S. has been very helpful for our band. It allowed the band to be recognized as a well-established Canadian band and has brought the band places it had never been before. It opened the horizon completely for The Counselors and allowed us to play on numerous commercial radio stations in the U.S. that would not have played our music otherwise. Give it up for Land Shark, and Gary, whose commitment to his bands and their music is just astonishing. I would recommend Land Shark to anyone who would like to have their band playing on very important and influential radio stations in the U.S.”

– Sebastien / THE COUNSELORS

“Thank you Land Shark for all your incredible support and the crucial role you played in getting to this (RIAA-certified GOLD) milestone!”

– Mark Phillips / PROSPECT PARK (co-manager, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH)

“Land Shark are the best rock promotion team in today’s world. No bullshit. That is all you need to know. Gary, John, and the team have delivered three Top 20 Mainstream Rock tracks on the gold CHICKENFOOT album, and our fourth any day now, plus two #1 Classic Rock tracks, and 30,000+ spins and counting!”

– Mick Brigden /JOE SATRIANI Manager / CHICKENFOOT Co-Manager

“Working with Land Shark has been a total joy. To be able to take an indie label and an unknown band to the Top 10 in just 8 weeks is truly amazing. They have gone the extra mile for us and our band and we will for sure be working with them on our next singles! Total Professionals!”

J- immy Swan, VP Executive Music Group/EMG (THE DIRTY HEADS)

“Aggressive, enthusiastic, and affordable for indies,and a team I know is actually doing the work with no excuses!”

– Jacob Capricciuolo, President Executive Music/EMG (THE DIRTY HEADS)

“It’s a pleasure working with Gary and his staff. They are straight-forward and they get results!”

– Mark Nawara, Pavement Music

“Land Shark Promotion has been an invaluable part of the promotion and marketing mix of our artists for nearly two years. Gary, John, and Matt are proactive as well as passionate. They have enviable relationships at radio, years of experience, and always think outside the box. They are go-to guys that deliver for us week after week. I look forward to sharing the success Eleven Seven Music with my partners at Land Shark Promotion for years to come!”

– Steve Kline, Eleven Seven Music

“It is not common that a band from Finland which plays cello has a record deal in the USA, but having a #1 record on active rock radio – this is absolutely new for any Scandinavian band whatsoever. Therefore, the band and myself want to say THANK YOU for your hard work on Apocalyptica.You should know that, even three years ago the band never wanted to go to the U.S.A. Now, within two singles and eight months of work, you turned this around. Everybody in the band loves being there, and they are totally overwhelmed by the team working for them. Every day they tell me they have never met a more friendly and highly-professional set up!”

– Ulysses, Halbe Miete Management (Apocalyptica)

“People promise lots of things, but one thing that Land Shark has done for the Electric Radio Kings is given us a new life, without the frills of bullshit and lies. Land Shark has shot us straight from the beginning, never candy-coating anything. Thanks so much for giving ERK the chance that millions of aspiring rockers would love to have.”

– Paul Christiania / ELECTRIC RADIO KINGS
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