Flawed Design

ALESTI captures a unique and modern brand of alternative metal, inspired by the ambience of post-hardcore and sprinkled with elements of electronica. With the ambition of collaborating with the world’s leading vocal talent in the rock and metal genres, ALESTI has to date racked up more than 35 million streams across platforms. In addition to features on both Kerrang! Radio and Idobi Radio, ALESTI has also been playlisted on a wide variety of editorial playlists across Spotify and Twitch, in addition to countless million views on YouTube.

To date, some of the features include singers from bands like The Word Alive, Loveless, Dayseeker, Until I Wake, Wind Walkers, Kingdom of Giants and many more

Band Quote:
” ‘Flawed Design’ expresses a sense of frustration and longing in a relationship or situation that has become repetitive and toxic. It reflects on being stuck in a cycle of making the same mistakes over and over, and returning to the same patterns despite knowing that it’s harmful. The lyrics explore a sense of hopelessness and the idea that the relationship is doomed to repeat itself.”

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