For the past two decades, Comeback Kid has stood as a cornerstone in shaping and pioneering the Canadian and international modern punk and hardcore sound. Originating in Winnipeg and first gaining recognition with their 2002 demo and the acclaimed “Turn It Around” in 2003, the band has consistently balanced a DIY ethos and dependability with a humanitarian approach, breaking down hardcore boundaries and elevating the genre to a global stage.

The breakthrough came with the 2005 career-defining album, “Wake The Dead,” where Comeback Kid stormed across new terrains, propelling the once underground genre into the mainstream. The lineup underwent a significant change in 2007 with “Broadcasting,” marking a sonic shift with vocalist Scott Wade stepping down and powerhouse Andrew Neufeld taking over vocal duties.

“We’re a hardcore band, but we don’t feel like we belong to any particular sect of that,” states Neufeld alongside band members, emphasizing their reluctance to be confined to specific genre limitations.

As one of the most influential leaders in the global heavy music community, Comeback Kid garnered the attention of Nuclear Blast Records and solidified their status as revolutionary forefathers with 2017’s “Outsider,” which paved the way for new heavyweights to follow.

Fast forward to 2023, and the band’s trajectory remains on an upward curve. In 2022, they released “Heavy Steps,” receiving critical acclaim, and now, in 2024, they present their latest offering, the EP “TROUBLE” on SharpTone Records.

“We wanted to be a little more melodic, fun, and bright with this,” says Andrew Neufeld, emphasizing the band’s evolution. “TROUBLE” serves as a palette cleanser, a gift to both the band and their devoted fans.

The EP includes tracks like “Trouble In The Winner Circle,” a tongue-in-cheek song about public collapse, and “Disruption,” leaning into the punk rock element with frenetic drums and punchy vocals. “Chompin’ At The Bit” storms out of the gate with thrash-ed up distortion, addressing the eagerness for something out of reach, while “Breaking and Bruised” layers hardcore screams in a punk exorcism, showcasing a new musical dimension for Comeback Kid.

Produced and recorded in their hometown Winnipeg during 2023, “TROUBLE” is a testament to the band’s unwavering commitment to pushing forward on their own terms. As Andrew Neufeld puts it, “This band is everything to me. It’s allowed me to travel the world. It’s shaped most of my friendships. To be on stage and see the responses we get is the driving force of our lives.”

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