Digital Deity

Welcome to the new world.

In this age of artificial intelligence, rapid change and dynamic evolution are inevitable.

Trends and bands come and go with the hyper-speed of information flow.

After 10+ years and nearly 700 live shows all across America, the dissolution of vocalist/songwriter Robert Cosgrove’s band Sleep Signals in 2023 gave birth to something new and noteworthy – previously only hinted at, but in 2024, emerged as a fully evolved idea.

EYES LIKE MIDNIGHT signifies the dawn of a new era, where his seemingly-limitless ability to create is no longer bound by the constraints of staying within formula. 

Recording 15 songs in three multi-week, intense sessions at producer Chris Dawson’s Aphiotic Studios in rural Kansas, Robert and his co-writers spent eight weeks writing and tracking the music that would ultimately encapsulate the beginning of EYES LIKE MIDNIGHT. 

A darker sound, showcasing ominous tones and themes. A heavier experience, drenched in 80’s synth textures and boasting lush, pop hooks. Defying categorization, EYES LIKE MIDNIGHT weaves a fabric that is uniquely their own. What’s past is prologue, and this new music transcends genres like a freight train shifting tracks, and oh, what a ride it is.

“In previous bands, we’d tried to write for the radio, or to write for what other people felt we should sound like,” Cosgrove laments, “and it didn’t feel like our true, authentic selves. This time, it really clicked when we laid down the ideas, just vocally at first, and right away, I knew this would become something…different.”

The takeaway is that EYES LIKE MIDNIGHT defies easy categorization. Cookie-cutter, it isn’t. “I want people to come away feeling like they’ve heard something refreshing, and also something real. Something that isn’t what every other band is doing right now. We want to dare to be different. There’s diversity in our music by design and it’s enough to reach everyone. We want people to feel connected to our music, and then, ultimately to us as a band and as individuals.”

Envisioning their concerts as communal gatherings, shared tribal rituals, EYES LIKE MIDNIGHT are preparing a live debut – the inaugural WATCH (as their live shows are christened) on July 20th at ROCK FEST in Wisconsin. Not far from where Cosgrove grew up and got his start playing in various hardcore/metalcore bands from the tender age of 18. “I did a lot in the local scene for years before I even started Sleep Signals.” The experience would build the blue-collar work ethic that became a trademark of the band’s relentless tour schedule. 

With EYES LIKE MIDNIGHT, the same principle applies. Fan acquisition is done the old-school way – by bringing the music to the people. The ‘Night Watch’, as they’re affectionately known, understand that Robert is beyond a giving performer. “The connections we’ve made with people after the shows, during the meet-and-greets – these were hugely important to me. Taking pictures, getting to know people’s names…I want to fully immerse people in the experience, so that it’s not just about the music – it’s about becoming a part of what you’re seeing. It’s being a part of something that’s BIGGER. We want to build a community around EYES LIKE MIDNIGHT.”

The band plans to release new music, media, and content every 6-8 weeks.

On April 18th, the debut single, “Digital Deity” was unleashed to streaming platforms globally. From the instant the counter begins, the hard-charging tempo and massive, chugging riff illustrate that this new musical chapter isn’t lacking for power. “All hail the Digital Deity”, Cosgrove screams over a thunderous, bashing beat. The song’s narrative of losing control to AI, and our codependence on instant information, ignoring the sacrifices we make in privacy to secure it, displays how EYES LIKE MIDNIGHT is cut from a very different cloth than any of his previous musical incarnations.

AI, and grappling with our relationship with it in the years to come, is a recurring narrative in the band’s music. “It’s hard to truly replicate what humans are capable of,” Cosgrove theorizes, “Music is art, and it’s hard to teach a machine that.  AI can be a helpful writing tool to spark ideas, it’s useful in the writing process…I don’t know that they’ll ever fully take over and create feelings the way that actual humans can.”

As the first phase of the band’s live WATCHES are confirmed, more new music and content will be unveiled. Even in the darkest of nights, there is always a glimmer of hope to be found. EYES LIKE MIDNIGHT are cutting through the darkness with a beacon of clarity.

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