One More Night

Kind Villain has unveiled their exciting new radio single, “One More Night”. The song is an ode to bitter loss and unwillingness to let go in the guise of a 4-minute alt-rock epic. Deftly combining influences ranging from the dark alternative of Twenty One Pilots to Nirvana and 90’s grunge, it is a song that is poised to break down genre barriers.

The lyric pleads “Hey, I’ll be alright, if you could just stay with me for one more night” trying to postpone the inevitable conclusion of a break-up. The song encapsulates the frenetic emotions that go along with the end of a relationship from grief and anger – to pleading and bargaining.

Kind Villain’s previous releases have already garnered radio airplay in dozens of markets across the U.S., as well as accruing over 4.5 Million views and streams. “One More Night” is now poised to take Kind Villain to the next level.

Kind Villain is a high energy, next-gen Alt/Pop Rock artist hailing from Tampa Florida. Founded by frontman, Ev V Frederick, they are known for their unique artistry, great songs and dynamic live performances. Ev at only 23, is already a seasoned veteran of the music scene, known for his enthusiastic and crowd-captivating showmanship, and Kind Villain has quickly become the band to watch in the south Florida music scene.

Ev was discovered by William Ray and Paul Trust of Panacea Records, the company that first found and developed country superstar Morgan Wallen. Panacea Records have signed and developed artists for over 25 years resulting in multiple major-label deals and successes. Produced and co-written by Panacea co-owner Paul Trust, the quality of their releases is astounding and well beyond their years. Paul is a well-respected songwriter and has built a stellar reputation with his skills as a producer. Paul’s resume ranges from Country star Morgan Wallen, to the sci-fi Rock band Starset.

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