Honing in on a modern sound while consistently setting themselves apart from the mainstream, Ovtlier (pronounced “Outlier”) prides themselves in creating exemplary rock and metal music backed by a rapidly growing fanbase. Ovtlier has earned more than 5 million views of fan-curated content on YouTube and over 4.3 million streams on Spotify, while capturing the hearts of tens of thousands of followers online. In addition to their loyal fan base, the band has caught attention through achieving features in major media outlets such as Revolver, Loudwire, Alternative Press, Decibel and ABC News.

Continually hitting the Billboard charts, Ovtlier has been able to spread their sound nationwide through constant spins on FM radio and months of regular rotation on SiriusXM Octane- launching them into the forefront of their genre. Ovtlier has had four singles featured on SiriusXM Octane; “Who We Are”, “Buried Me Alive”, “Blame The Dead” and their latest single “Living Dead” have made fans out of satellite radio listeners across the country and emphasizes the band’s ability to stay creative while maintaining an ever-growing fanbase.

Ovtlier brought 2022 to a close with “Living Dead”- bringing the band their biggest success yet. Ovtlier earned a steady average of 1.5 million streams monthly on three streaming platforms (Amazon Music, Spotify and Pandora) alone and saw “Living Dead” become the most played song on SiriusXM Octane. With “Living Dead” behind them, Ovtlier is gearing up to outdo their own personal best with their upcoming release “Heartless”. The track was written by the band’s lead vocalist and founder, Joey Arena, accompanied by Evan McKeever and Julian Comeau (Loveless). “Heartless” owes its production to Justin DeBlieck (Ice Nine Kills, Motionless In White) and Evan McKeever while joining its predecessor as the second single mixed by Chris Dawson (SAUL, Any Given Sin) and mastered by Mike Kalajian (Bad Omens, The Plot In You). With Ovtlier’s dedication and a star-studded team of support behind them, the success of “Heartless” as the band’s most-accomplished single is inevitable.

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