The Worst Kind

The Cullman, Alabama-based rockers in Shallow Side spent part of 2022 recording new music with producers Chris Dawson and Kile Odell, and have just released their first new single, “The Worst Kind“. The song is an aggressive, heavy, and angry banger w/a message of desperate self-preservation within a twisted relationship. “The Worst Kind” was produced and co-written with Chris Dawson and James Beattie and was recorded and mixed by Chris at Aphotic Studios.

Since coming onto the rock scene, Shallow Side has released a little of everything – including several EPs, a full-length album, plus a number of assorted cover songs and singles.

Their EP, ONE spurred three radio singles: “Rebel”, “Renegade” (a powerful Styx cover) and “Can You Hear Me?” that began to get them noticed and earned them the title of Loudwire’s ‘Best New Artist of the Year’. In 2019, the band released their first full-length album SAINTS & SINNERS which contained their most-streamed song to date, “Sound The Alarm”.

Their vast music catalog has now surpassed more than 30 million streams, and their music videos have eclipsed 13.5 million views on their YouTube channel.

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