The Summoning & Chokehold

With fans so ravenous in their worship, Sleep Token have gifted two new songs to appease their hunger….

As time turned to midnight on January 5th 2023, the emotionally driven ‘Chokehold’ arrived first. Then, as 24 hours passed, ‘The Summoning’ audaciously followed. Both tracks boldly explore and develop elements that keep Sleep Token’s music vastly removed from any kind of pack, howling at a moon distinctly their own.

Sleep Token will embark on their UK headline tour this coming January. This 5-date run will include a ritual at Brixton Academy, London, on January 22nd, additional support will be provided by Northlane.

What comes next, only time will tell, but what’s certain is that it won’t be bound by convention.

Anonymous, silent, masked, armed with a staggering vocal range, a deft touch on the keyboards, plus a live approach that is never less than fully engaged; Sleep Token is the unique, broad-based vision of one individual.

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