unpeople, a project brimming with energy, and impassioned animosity with the state of the world and its effects on humanity. Guitarists Jake Crawford and Luke Caley recruited bassist Meg Mash and drummer Richard Rayner with a mission to combine earnest lyricism and hefty riffs with catchy melodies and luscious harmonies.

The root of their cause is in the name – unpeople – meaning a group of people considered to be politically unimportant or of no value. Determined to channel their discontent into songs that speak directly to other “unpeople”. Tackling themes of existential dread, spiralling mental health, how to measure self worth and a general societal disdain, like-minded thinkers can find plenty to connect with.

Influences are present in their masses though, with the likes of PUP and the Deftones, making up the fabric of the band’s eclectic musical taste. Coupling their diverse listening habits with over a decade of touring experience, it’s no surprise that everything unpeople creates has an heir of maturity and self-assuredness.

Live shows bursting with frenzied intensity alongside effortless crowd connection, ensuring that even the most skeptical of attendees are convinced to join the party. The same sentiment exists on record too, with their unique blend of hook-laden choruses and bone-crunching breakdowns betraying all preconceptions about what heavy music is in 2023. We are unpeople. You are unpeople. We are all unpeople.

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