Dutch metallers, Within Temptation have released their brand-new single. “Ritual”. The song is the new single from their upcoming 8th studio album Bleed Out, on October 20, 2023.

Reflecting the tumultuous state of the world, for their newest record the band have drawn inspiration from events such as the murder of Mahsa Amini in Iran and the ongoing war in Ukraine. But that isn’t to say that there’s no light to the heavy shade on Bleed Out.

The delectable “Ritual”, as Sharon explains, is “one of the kinkiest songs the band have ever written” and is fully inspired by the film, From Dusk Til Dawn. An iconic movie by Quentin Tarantino about a seemingly normal road trip, turning into a vampire slayer party. “It’s a fun track about seduction,” she explains. “It’s about the lady taking power in a male dominated world and taking her own initiative.” 

Bleed Out signifies a bold leap forward for the band. From contemporary, hard-hitting, djenty riffs to soaring melodies displaying their symphonic roots, Within Temptation have created a sonic journey that fuses diverse musical styles and thought-provoking themes. This is an album that is as epic as it is unflinchingly outspoken, and now more than ever, this is a band who aren’t afraid to make a stand on issues they care about. Within Temptation have delivered a fist-in-the-air proclamation of both their moral convictions – and their fearless approach to music.

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