What’s the sound of Story Of The Year? Loud guitars, massive singalong choruses, and uplifting perseverance. Few records helped build the post-hardcore scene as swiftly as the band’s debut, Page Avenue, one of the first of its kind to sell a million copies. “Until the Day I Die”, with over 100 million streams on Spotify and 25 million views on YouTube endures as both an anthem and mission statement for the band. Tours with Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Deftones, and The Used have cemented Story Of The Year’s reputation as a truly stunning and engaging live act.

The connection between the band and audience transformed Story Of The Year from teenagers working in a St. Louis pizza chain franchise into hard rock headliners. Fans grew up together with Dan, Ryan, Josh, and Adam, from Page Avenue (2003), In the Wake of Determination (2005), The Black Swan (2008), The Constant (2010), Wolves (2017), to Tear Me To Pieces (2022). They specialize in intense, passionate, confessional compositions that inspire and empower. Songs like the new single, “War”, “Real Life,” “Miracle,” “The Ghost of You and I,” “Anthem of Our Dying Day,” and “Take The Ride” will resonate with anyone determined to triumph over adversity. Until the day I die, indeed.

Story Of The Year are:
Dan Marsala – Vocals
Ryan Phillips – Guitar
Adam Russell – Bass/Vocals
Josh Wills – Drums

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